[July 7th, 2022] Co-hosting symposium "NEURO 2022 Yui-maaru - Connecting Brain Sciences"

The joint meeting of the 45th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society, the 65th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Neurochemistry, and the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Neural Network Society, "NEURO 2022 YUIMAARU - Connecting Brain Science -" was held in Okinawa from June 30 to July 3, 2022.

In our field of Emotional Informatics, "Restructuring human sciences based on decoding of emotional information," we co-hosted and participated in a six-member symposium that included speakers from overseas.

It was held as a hybrid of on-site and online participation, the event was attended by a large number of participants, who deepened their understanding of our field's activities.

[May 25th, 2022] Event: Participation in Yappli Seminar Event

Junichi Chikazoe, representative of this area, appeared as a guest speaker at the "Yappli Update 2022" seminar event held by Yappli Corporation.

The theme, "What Exactly is Good for Intuition?" The participants had an interesting discussion on how intuition is scientifically created and how we should interact with it, etc.

Also touched on the relationship between AI and intuition, as well as MRI, which is essential for emotional information activity research. The recording video was published on our website.

[March 20th, 2022] Event: Training Course on Analysis of fMRI Studies

On Sunday, March 20, 2022, we held a functional MRI training course as part of our activities in this field.

In this event, we introduced MVPA (multivoxel pattern analysis) and RSA (representational similarity analysis) in detail.

We received feedback that the content was useful in a wide range of areas, including key concepts, tips for applying methods, and analysis methods, which are difficult to comprehend just by reading publications.

We were able to share a meaningful time with everyone, including a Q&A session using a business chat tool. In addition, a recording video was published for viewing by many people.

[March 14th, 2022] Newsletter Vol.1 publication


The contents of this newsletter will help you learn more about our activities, including an overview of our field, an outline of each research group, an introduction to our research groups, past activities, and future activities, etc.

[November 5th to 6th, 2021] Event: "Reconstruction of the Humanities Based on Neuroscientific Understandings of Affect" by NIPS Research Group

The NIPS Research Group held a symposium on the "Reconstruction of the Humanities Based on Neuroscientific Understandings of Affect" both at the NIPS venue and via Zoom.

Due to recent advancements of fMRI and statistical models, it is now possible to estimate the potential affective states of an individual by observing their brain activity. In this workshop, participants discussed at length how academic disciplines in the humanities and social sciences can further progress by actively utilizing such technologies in the future.

In addition, the recording video was published for viewing by many people.

[October 22, 2021] Event: Kick-off Symposium and Reception

A kick-off symposium and reception was held.

In the symposium, we introduced our research plans and methods for interpreting affective information.

In addition, the recording video was published for viewing by many people.

[October 1, 2021] Website launched

We have launched our new website, and will be introducing the project members and providing information on any progress made.

Symposiums and events, announcements, activity reports, research results, etc. will be updated.

We also encourage you to register your e-mail address on our website so that we can keep you informed of events and symposiums.