Chikazoe group [A01]

Investigating the integrated calculation process of ambivalent value information using fMRI

Junichi Chikazoe (Area Representative)

Araya Inc. Neurotechnology R&D Unit Research Team Leader

National Institute for Physiological Sciences Section of Brain Function Information Associate Professor

Koji Jimura

Keio University Faculty of Science and Technology Associate Professor

Satoshi Kodama

Kyoto University Graduate School of Letters Associate Professor

Mochihashi Group [A02]

The neuroscience of literary arts that evoke affect

Daichi Mochihashi

The Institute of Statistical Mathematics Department of Statistical Inference and Mathematics Associate Professor

Yohei Ozeki

The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Lecturer

Ichiro Kobayashi

Ochanomizu University Faculty of Core Research, Natural Science Division Professor

Akira Utsumi

The University of Electro-Communications Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering Professor

Watanabe Group [A03]

Estimating affective influences through econometric structural models

Yasutora Watanabe

The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Economics (Faculty of Economics) Professor

Yutaka Kayaba

The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Economics Lecturer

Kosuke Uetake

Yale School of Management Associate Professor of Marketing

Kohei Kawaguchi

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School Department of Economics Assistant Professor

Ishizu Group [A04]

Cognitive neuroscience research on aesthetic experiences that step beyond pleasure/displeasure and their psychological effects

Tomohiro Ishizu

Kansai University Faculty of Letters Associate Professor

Tatsuya Daikoku

The University of Tokyo International Research Center for Neuro intelligence Project Assistant Professor